Chelsea to complete £10m Parker deal | World Soccer

Scott Parker will complete his £10m move to Chelsea today.

Parker, 23, will be unveiled at 1200 GMT after the two clubs agreed a fee for the midfielder.

However, Charlton are furious with the timing of the transfer, claiming Chelsea perceive the south London club as a threat to their lofty ambitions.

‘Perhaps Chelsea see us as their rivals,’ said manager Alan Curbishley. ‘Perhaps they’re trying to unsettle us.

Curbishlel also lamented the selfish nature of modern day footballers.

“A lot of footballers these days kiss the badge on their shirts and next week they are kissing someone else’s,’ he added.

“Over the last three weeks he has made it clear in more ways than 10 that he no longer wanted to play for Charlton.

“What has happened has left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not happy with the way this thing has been conducted.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea coach Claudio Ranieri, claimed he was still 8 players short of his dream squad and had requested owner Roman Abramovich continue his spending at Stamford Bridge.

“I have asked Roman Abramovich to take us to a squad of 22 excellent players,’ he said.

‘At the moment we have 14 or so.”


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